Piano Tutorial To-Do List

[Update 1/9/2013]: I'm currently watching Taiwanese drama Love, Now 真爱趁现在 starring George Hu and Annie Chen, <3 loving their great chemistry together. I also love the songs on this drama so they'll be the next tutorials that I will be working on this week and hopefully be posted soon!

1. Della丁噹 【不是你的錯】 (Inborn Pair OST)
2. Back in Time - Lyn

From Requests:
F.T.Island - always be mine
pink panther Theme - Already posted!
2pm - again and again
shinjirareba koso [anime: gundam seed]
my soul - [anime: angel beats]
Gold And Oden - [anime: One Piece]
anime kaichou wa maid sama

    ALREADY POSTED (Slow Versions)
    1. JS - ye xu you yi tian [The Rose OST]
    2. Ariel Lin - Ni (你 / You) (They Kiss Again Ending Theme)
    3. First Love [Hikaru Utada]
    4. 1 Liter of Tears Main Theme
    5. Toradora! OST - Lost my Pieces
    6. Toradora! OST - Yuugure no Yakusoku
    7. Toradora! OST - Ame iro rondo
    8. Falling [Yiruma]
    9. 1 Liter of Tears Konayuki
    10 1 Liter of Tears 3 9 (March 9)

    11. Sora iro no Houkago [Toradora OST]
    12. Missing you like crazy - Taeyeon 
    13. Still - A.N.Jell
    14. A Girl from Wonderland OST - Yobi
    15. Victor Wong 品冠 - Holding Hands 執子之手 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    16. Yen-J - Temporary Boyfriend 暫時的男朋友 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    17. Yen-J- Alibi 吾在場證明 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    18. 家家 (JiaJia) - 填空 (Fill in the Blanks) [Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST]
    If I have time, I'll review all the other requests...

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