Piano Tutorial To-Do List

[Update 7/3/2018]:  Howdy! I know, it's been a while since I posted here on the blog, I'm so sorry about that.  Below are the piano tutorials I'm currently working on, hopefully it will all be posted within this month.  For the requested piano tutorials, I will review all the requests first before posting what tutorials we will post next.

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1. Wind Song 바람의 노래 by So Hyang (고백부부 OST Part 2 / Go Back Couple OST Part 2)
2. Ikaw by Yeng Constantino
3. Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman OST
4. It's a Dream (是梦吧) from A Love so Beautiful OST

From Requests:

    ALREADY POSTED (Slow Versions)
    1. JS - ye xu you yi tian [The Rose OST]
    2. Ariel Lin - Ni (你 / You) (They Kiss Again Ending Theme)
    3. First Love [Hikaru Utada]
    4. 1 Liter of Tears Main Theme
    5. Toradora! OST - Lost my Pieces
    6. Toradora! OST - Yuugure no Yakusoku
    7. Toradora! OST - Ame iro rondo
    8. Falling [Yiruma]
    9. 1 Liter of Tears Konayuki
    10 1 Liter of Tears 3 9 (March 9)

    11. Sora iro no Houkago [Toradora OST]
    12. Missing you like crazy - Taeyeon 
    13. Still - A.N.Jell
    14. A Girl from Wonderland OST - Yobi
    15. Victor Wong 品冠 - Holding Hands 執子之手 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    16. Yen-J - Temporary Boyfriend 暫時的男朋友 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    17. Yen-J- Alibi 吾在場證明 (Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST)
    18. 家家 (JiaJia) - 填空 (Fill in the Blanks) [Love, Now 真爱趁现在 OST]
    If I have time, I'll review all the other requests...

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