Bii (畢書盡) - Come Back to Me [真愛黑白配 Love Around OST]

As promised on our FB Page, here's the piano tutorial for the opening song of the current Taiwan-drama "真愛黑白配 Love Around" entitled "Come Back to Me" sung by Bii.

Song Title: Come Back To Me

Artist: Bii (畢書盡)
Album: Come back to Bii

Drama Title: 真愛黑白配 Love Around

Piano Tutorial: 100% speed

For the slower speed version [50% speed], please click here.

Come back to Bii

Music sheet source: Tintinpiano

Tip: Best viewed with video play back quality set to 720p HD.

(Note: This tutorial is solely for personal, educational, and NON-commercial purposes.)

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